SPARKLERS! – Fireworks to Wear in Your Hair!

In less than two weeks, will introduce ShimmerZ to a brand new market – new to the ShimmerZ experience, that is! The Silk Shimmerz crew is headed to the Western Winter Blast! Each February, for the past 25 years, fireworks professionals and enthusiasts have gathered in Beautiful Lake Havasu,

SPARKLERS!  – Fireworks to Wear in Your Hair!


“Ma’am, do you know why I stopped you?” asked the office after pulling her over. “No, officer, I wasn’t speeding, I’m sure of that!” “Ma’am – “I know it sounds crazy, But it looked like your hair was on fire!” Said the now flustered policeman.


One Night Strands!

Have you purchased a bright strand of hair tinsel by one name of another – a beautiful strand that looked so good in your hair only to see it fall out after only a few hours or maybe one day? We call them: “One Night Strands.” 

One Night Strands!

Bad Hair Day? Thank God,and Oprah for SilkShimmerZ!

 *NEWS FLASH!* Rigorous Scientific Testing confirms That ShimmerZ withstand Mondays and Bad Hair Day's! Whatever may come your way – SilkShimmerZ Can Handle it.      SilkShimmerZ – Like your own hair -     But… WIth Even more Color and Sparkle!

Bad Hair Day? Thank God,and Oprah for SilkShimmerZ!

IBS 2012 – Doe’s Vegas!

The 2012 International Beauty Show Las Vegas @ the Las Vegas Convention Center IBS 2012 – At The Convention Center in Las Vegas. Inside – You'll find us right on the corner * In the middle of the Action *  * Booth number 5539! * We're located next to H-Caratin.

IBS 2012 –  Doe’s Vegas!

Silk Hair ShimmerZ! The Original Hair Bling Sparkle Shimmers!

Natural Silk ShimmerZ - sparkling hair strands that create a magical aura - flashes of shifting glitter, illumination and dazzle! These 18 and 36", silk strands are very thin and light. Once applied, they feel just like your own hair. Silk ShimmerZ stand up to your styling requirements. So... Hot Iron, Blow Dry, Color, Cut, Perm and Curl. Your ShimmerZ will last for months!

“21 Color Special”  

Purchase All 21 Colors

Only$200.00 (no substitutions)

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